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You ask me what I see

And what I see will come to pass

Christine Strongheart
23 December 1982
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Hey, Chris here. You just caught me in the midst of lessons.

For those wondering about my family tree, here goes:
Let's see - there's my father, Prince Strongheart of Lovelylocks, with my aunts Maidens Fairhair and Curlycrown, with Lady Lovelylocks playing adoptive mother while I'm on Lovelylocks. And Godfather Shining Glory.

Then there's my mother, Princess Melisande of the Magic Realm, with my adoptive father, Sir Peter.. of Boston, Earth. Then there's Grandfather Carolinus the Green, Grandfather Lo Ta Zal the Golden, Grandfather Solaris the Blue, and may he rot for all I care Grandfather Ommadon the Red (who, I believe is dead). Then there's the house dragon, Gorbash

Yes. I said House Dragon